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Yom Chadash - Dave Ivaz Music

Greet the New Day in Jewish Music

Yom Chadash is a new concept in Simcha music. Quite simply, we give you more.

More variety. Yom Chadash offers a sophisticated repertoire that includes contemporary Israeli dance music as well as Klezmer, Chassidic, Sephardic and Yemenite favorites - and the ability to add selections from the unparalleled playlist of the Dave Ivaz Orchestra.

More options. From the rock power of multiple keyboards, oud and guitars, to the driving R&B of a full horn section or the elegance of violins, Yom Chadash lets you customize the sound and size of your entertainment. More vocals. Choose from a dynamic lineup that includes from two to five powerful vocalists. Whether you desire all male vocals for separate dancing or the addition of female singers, the expert vocalists of Yom Chadash create high-energy excitement.

More expertise. Yom Chadash clients are serviced directly by Dave Ivaz. We place all the resources of Dave Ivaz Music, Inc. at your fingertips. One of Chicago’s finest guitarists and musical directors, Dave is the guitarist chosen by Israeli stars Avraham Freed, MBD, Yeedle, and touring orchestras including New York's Neginah. Dave Ivaz

Dave’s expertise assures you of the highest levels of professionalism - extraordinary performances, exceptional personal service and impeccable attention to detail - for your event. Greet Yom Chadash - A New Day in Jewish Music.

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